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20L mist duster sprayer/mist blower/agriculture sprayer 3WF-3A

Price: 价格可洽谈

Item No.: KXF-3A


Place of origin: ZHEJIANG


Port of loading: NINGBO

  • Product details

    - It can be used for cotton, wheat, rice, fruit trees and other crops, pest and disease control, can also be used in the chemical weeding and urban and rural health and epidemic prevention. Applicable to the mountains and hills and scattered lands.

    - Unique structure design, the parts contacting with the pharmacy are made of corrosion-resistant reinforced plastic or stainless steel, avoiding corrosion, the service life has been prolonged.

    - Large medicine kit, easy to add pesticides, timely bagged the pesticides can be poured directly into kit, which reduces the exposure to the pesticides. Kit outlet has drain outlet, convenient kit cleaning.

    - This machine is designed with a large-capacity kit of 20 liter, the usage state of less water environment and granular pharmacy is taken into account fully, with high efficiency.


    Technical Parameters

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